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Drive-through Coronavirus Testing


rt-PCR (Nasal or Saliva), 10-minute Rapid Antigen, 15-Minute Rapid Antibody, Chinese IgM

Covid Same Day PCR performs multiple types of tests on site. Starting without our EXCLUSIVE SAME DAY rt-PCR! The rt-PCR is the gold standard of tests and a MUST for anyone traveling. This nasal or Saliva swab test collects a small organic sample from the nasal passage and is send to our lab for processing. The rt-PCR is incredibly accurate and can detect the virus PRIOR to having the symptoms, and for approximately 14 days post symptoms. The 10-minute RAPID ANTIGEN (nasal swab) will indicate if you have an active, contagious and infectious virus. This test is excellent for those who are feeling the symptoms (loss of smell, taste, headaches, fever etc) or if you are attending an event. We also offer the 15-minute RAPID ANTIBODY (finger prick) test. This will test for both the IgM (this is the initial antibody the body first makes to combat an active virus) AND also tests for the IgG antibodies that provides you the temporary immunity.

A majority of our patients choose our ‘COMPLETE COVID ANALYSIS that includes all three tests, which will then provide a complete and holistic understanding to your health with regards to Covid.

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